We have received many positive verbal testimonies from our hundreds of pharmacy clients who use Australian Bush Flower Essences on a regular basis. If you would like to share your story with us the please drop us a line.

I would like to share my story

My husband is bipolar, and will not take medication as it effects his ability to create. He manages it well with meditation and in summer by swimming. But unlike most people, when we decide that we wish to achieve something, we are able to focus on it until we get there, his moods block his ability to focus and achieve it. Which of course makes him black. 

Whenever he is on the flower essences we have instant change. Everything changes. His moods become stable. He can resolve conflict and issues clearly and precisely. And he can manifest anything he desires!

Personally for me, I work in the bridal industry, but hate crowds and noise and stress. So when I go to a wedding to work, I am sick with fear. I asked Katrina to help me with this problem and I have not had any issues with the weddings I have so far attended. I even did a wedding one morning and attended a huge party that night - two crowds and noise in one day!!

I cannot tell you how much flower essences have changed my life and how different my husband is on them. I personally would like him to stay on them permanently like a daily multivitamin, instead of it treating his body it is treating his mind! Yvette

From our Courses

"This course has been enlightening for me and I can't wait to use these Essences to help people that need it"

Alex Smith

"I loved this experience of getting to know the bush flowers. It has truly amazed me and opened up a new understanding of the power of nature. Katrina and Maddi' have been a wealth of knowledge and clear and compassionate in their explanations. Thank you so much for teaching this incredible modality.

It has truly been a pleasure and what a wonderful group of women and Kevin to learn with"

Sue Ferguson

"Maddi' and Katrina are a magical team who work together seamlessly to reveal the wonders of the Bush Flower Essences. I particularly love that they are both pharmacists getting the importance of emotional healing out into the mainstream. Go girls !!"

Ganga Ashworth ( transformational voice coach )- Singing the Self

"The BFE Introductory Course is a very generous introduction to the 69 Essences and their properties. It presents the plethora of shapes,qualities,colours and magnificent forms that are our beautiful friends, the Flowers"

Emma Paloff

"Knowledge is power. After the first day I went home and knew I had found what I had been looking for, for quite some time. So simple, yet so powerful. Everything in this course resonated so deeply with me I am home :-)"

Sonia Schwarzl

"Fun, fast-paced and informative. We were lucky to have a good blend of people all with different experiences"

Jane Reed