Kevin Parker

Kevin Parker. (BA Politics and Sociology Joint Major, Ad.Management Cert). Kevin is an energy dowser and experienced public speaker. He is a Lightworker, Reiki Master and has studied biodynamic practice. Kevin is a member of the NSW Society of Dowsers. He looks after the Bush Flower Healing website.

His background is as a professional peace and environmental activist, web designer, university researcher and in marketing. In the past he served as a National Campaign Director of The Wilderness Society, Co-ordinator with People for Nuclear Disarmament and Co-ordinator of the Environmental and Technological Strategies Group at UOW. He is co-parent of four children with his wife Maddi' Parker.

Kevin's familiarity with the parallel dimension of nature spirits stretches back to a childhood in the Hertfordshire countryside where his English family, including dowsers, have lived for countless generations. He learnt much about the folklore associated with nature spirits through his Irish mum, Marie (RIP), to whom the world of fairies, leprechauns and the legends of Irish Tuatha de Danan were very real.

His area of endeavour includes the use of dowsing for clearing spaces of negative energy and entities, interaction with earth energies, working together with nature spirits, devic and angelic energy frequencies, and natural healing.

He has been working with Australian Bush Flower Essence range since the year 2000 and in particular has developed an intimate connection with Green Spider Essence, Anglesword, Fringed Violet, the White Light and Light Frequency Essence series.

Throughout 2012 he focused on working with individual flower essences in their specific locations around Australia, with a focus on those found in remote areas. During this time he experienced a number of profound connections to ancient Australian nature energies.