Next Course: Working with Nature Spirits 

When? 7th/8th November, 2015

Location? Southern Highlands of NSW

This workshop will explain and then teach how to connect to the worlds of devas, nature spirits and elemental beings. A fun and interactive weekend we will use a number of meditative exercises designed to develop or further strengthen our connection to these amazing and joyous realms. The underlining spirit will be to encourage an ethos of co-operation with these beings to help personal, inter-personal, planetary healing and spiritual growth. 

Prior belief in fairies is not essential, but an open heart is!

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Bush Flower healing Curses Scheduled for 2016 and beyond

Bush Flower Healing would love to have you come along to one of our Bush Flower Essence courses. We provide a wonderful working knowledge of the Essences on behalf of Ian White and the Australian Bush Flower Essence team for practitioner and personal use.

Bush Flower Basics (3 hour intro) - This course will quickly arm you with the basics on some of the individual Flower Essences and the combination blends available. More

Bush Essences Introductory Course (formerly Part 1 College Course) - An accredited complementary course that provides you with an understanding of the healing qualities of each of the 69 Flower Essences in relation to the Mind Body Medicine model. More         

Bush Essences Practitioner Skills (formerly Part 2 College Course): Practitioner Skills follows a more experiential and interactive approach compared with the more traditional teaching model for the Introductory course above. More 

Happy Healthy Kids - Learn how to easily understand and help children from conception to age 7 with the Bush Essences. This workshop traces a child's emotional and spiritual development from preconception, through pregnancy and birth to age seven. We look at key emotional issues and a wide variety of common problems a child may face at each stage of growth. More 

Women's Wellbeing - This Women's Wellbeing and Australian Bush Flower Essences Workshop runs over one day. No prior experience with the bush essences required. You will learn how to easily and effectively use the Bush Flower Essences to help a woman achieve emotional and spiritual balance in many crucial areas in their life. More

Learn how to Dowse - A hands-on workshop with three experienced teachers which will demonstrate and teach you the ancient art of Dowsing. You will learn how Dowsing can assist you in making your choice of Australian Bush Flower Essences and in other life situations. This is a hands-on course and you will go away with a range of new skills and expansive information to help in your ongoing journey. More

Non ABFE Courses 

Working with Nature Spirits _This is a one day introductory workshop about why nature spirits, elemental beings, devic energies and oversighting angels are open to reconnecting with us and how we can recognise, internalise and work together with these powerful and generous energies. More


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