Bush Flower Healing

The observations and thoughts of bush flower healing pharmacists & practitioners Katrina Corney and Maddi' Parker and their day to day experiences with Australian bush flower essences.

Working with Nature Spirits to Reenchant Our Earth


 a magical hands-on & experiential weekend

Next course: Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th November, 2015 

Location; Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia (Bowral- Moss Vale area)

Investment: $295

This 2-day workshop will explore the worlds of devas, nature spirits and elemental beings to strengthen our connection to these amazing and joyous realms. The underlining spirit will be to encourage an ethos of co-operation with these beings to help personal, inter-personal and planetary healing. 

Prior belief in angels or fairies is not essential but we will all have much deeper learning experience and more fun if everyone approaches with an open heart!

We will cover:

  • Connecting with Nature Spirits using Shamanic and other practices
  • Working with Elemental Beings & Earth Energies to Heal our Planet
  • Hear the Music of the Plants
  • Creating Sacred Spaces in Your Home & Garden
  • Demonstrate and teach some basic energy dowsing techniques that are useful in locating and communicating with these realms
  • Useful tools and practices for working with Nature Spirits
  • Understanding the role of Devas
  • Linking to and working with the Healing Power of Plants and Trees
  • Beyond Deep-Ecology -developing a framework to reenchant our Earth
Written notes will be provided for students.  Please contact Kevin directly if you would like to discuss the content and goals of the course. 

Participants are encourage to bring along their favourite crystals which can help to amplify the experience plus any photos of orbs, nature spirits or unusual phenomena that that may have encountered to share.

NB: This is a Non-ABFE Course 

Your Guides for the Weekend

kevin_parkerKevin Parker is a Dowser, Earth Healer, Reiki Master, Biodynamic practioner & an advocate of deep ecology

A powerful moment has manifested in which we can connect with Nature Spirit Energies who are open to communion with humankind. I invite you to be a part of the valuable work of reenchanting our Earth. Come ready to dance, be amazed, have fun, learn and laugh out loud!"

Kevin has worked with Nature Spirit Energies for over 20 years in day to day life. For many years he was in was in service as a professional peace and environmental activist including stints as National Campaign Director of the Wilderness Society, Coordinator for People for Nuclear Disarmament, Coordinator of the Technology & Environmental Strategies Group (UOW). Kevin was appointed as Honorary Fellow of the University of Wollongong. He is an experienced public speaker and teacher with an infectious sense of humour and inclusive style.

"Can't wait to work with Anthony Ashworth on this paradigm shifting subject! He is a talented and deeply nature-connected practitioner who possesses a wealth of knowledge and insights borne out of long study and professional practice on a daily basis. Anthony sees and experiences the world in a pr


ofoundly intuitive way and he is a  terrific teacher.” Kevin Parker

Anthony Ashworth is a Feng Shui man, Space Clearer, Geomancer, Shaman & mystic 

“I have a heart felt calling to help reconnect people with the land, with spirit & with nature and as a consequence with the divine & themselves”

Anthony has for many years delved deeply into many of the world’s sacred space traditions and cosmologies of place and space. He has taught on subjects from A to Zen relating to sacred and holistic place within renowned Feng Shui Colleges, University, retreats and educational centres. He is considered to be unique in his very broad knowledge of many of the ancient traditions. He studies & teaches with great love and passion that which our ancestors knew to be true and useful for thousands of years. 

“It is an honour to be presenting this workshop with Kevin. Each time I have worked with him something magical and mystical happens, the ground of my being begins to shift gently and the Nature Spirits become so much more visceral and talkative. His longstanding relationship with Nature Spirits is deep and real and connecting. I feel Kevin as a mystic is in himself a portal to connecting us with these magical realms.” Anthony Ashworth

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nb: this is not an ABFE course


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