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The observations and thoughts of bush flower healing pharmacists & practitioners Katrina Corney and Maddi' Parker and their day to day experiences with Australian bush flower essences.

Spring Has Sprung in the Southern Hemisphere


We of Bush Flower Healing welcome you to our Spring newsletter.

A few weeks ago we held our Bush Flower Essence Introductory Course in the Southern Highlands of NSW. We were lucky enough to have beautiful Spring weather and enjoyed an intensive weekend. We had some of the Bush Flowers on hand which always allows us to observe, connect and deepen our understanding of the Flowers and the healing energies they have to offer.

Gymea Lily stands tall in many Australian gardens and on the sandstone landscapes within the Sydney bushland. It is a flower we often see but don't always get close to (it stands atop a thick stem often 3 to 7 metres tall). Doryanthes excelsa the botanical name of Gymea Lily represents a high and lofty spear-like flower.

We were all surprised in the workshop by the weightiness of the flower itself being over 40cm wide. We were even more 

surprised at the strength of the stem needed to keep such a solid flower so high on the air.

The Essence of Gymea Lily helps us to stand tall and connect with our own unique path whatever it may be. The Essence also brings us humility and allows us the perspective to see those around us and be able to appreciate that their path may be quite different to our own but just as valid. The crown chakra connection and ascension possible with this Essence was evident and appreciated by all in this grand flower's presence. We all felt lucky to see and touch it up close and took it's lesson in strength and humility.

Gymea Lily has been used effectively by chiropractors and osteopaths working with bone and ligament problems to complement their therapies.

'I now passionately follow and fulfill my life destiny' can be affirmed strongly as you take this Essence.

Spring has also seen the launch of our online shop at www.bushflowerhealing.com and we look forward to being able to provide this added service to our customers.

As an introductory bonus we will send out 2 empty bottles and instructions free with every single Essence stock bottle purchased. This way you can start making up dosage bottles quickly and with ease.

Spring is also a wonderful time to take a course of Purifying blend. This combination has the Flower Essences that resonate uniquely with each of the elimination organs in the body and may help to cleanse, 

support and nurture.

Purifying blend may help with the release of emotional baggage and may be recommended as a 2-4 week course when necessary.

The Southern Hemisphere Spring of course coincides with the Northern Hemisphere Fall and this is a wonderful time to take Autumn Leaves. This companion Essence may help with cleansing for the Winter months ahead allowing you to let go of the past and accept that there is a divine timing to everything including moving on.

For any of these Essence blends please visit our online shop and we look forward to bringing you more Australian Bush Flower Essence updates. 


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