Bush Flower Healing

The observations and thoughts of bush flower healing pharmacists & practitioners Katrina Corney and Maddi' Parker and their day to day experiences with Australian bush flower essences.

Silver Princess. Silver Princess. Silver Princess.

This week I seem to be seeing Silver Princess-like eucalyptus blooms at every turn.
These striking flowers often sit high above the eyeline but draw attention easily with their bright reds and golds. They invoke energy and action and motivation.

Silver Princess is the perfect Flower Essence for people who become uncertain about their life plan or purpose. New goals can be established and new directions can be developed allowing new opportunities to arise in keeping with our true life purpose. 

Silver Princess has been included in the Transition and Travel blends and may help provide a focus if people are feeling aimless and despondent and direction-less.

I see another beautiful eucalyptus blossom and wonder what awaits me - perhaps a dose of Silver Princess before dinner may help unveil the next path.


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