Bush Flower Healing

The observations and thoughts of bush flower healing pharmacists & practitioners Katrina Corney and Maddi' Parker and their day to day experiences with Australian bush flower essences.

Finding Forgiveness and Flourishing with Flowers

25-Jul-2013 Feelings on forgiveness certainly take all shapes.

Whether we have been seriously hurt by the actions of another (in one of the many many ways the so-called evolved human being can and does seriously hurt one another) or whether someone has simply stepped on our toes, the need to forgive has been preached to us throughout the ages.
Whether it be through the many many religions, our own conscience, the self-help column inthe local paper, great Aunt Sally or maybe just the do-gooder sitting next to us on the bus : 'forgive forgive' preach the converted.

Easier said than done?

Maybe, maybe not...

Be cautious when you find Dagger Hakea in the bush. The sweetly-scented flowers entice you but they are surrounded by sharp barbs. As resentment builds we often bury o
ur sharp barbs beneath a sweeter surface where they can only fester.

The Flower Essence of Dagger Hakea may help.

A very popular Essence that is used to help dissolve resentments and help one to find forgiveness especially for those who are close to them (possibly increasing in usefulness just after the festive season when family resentments seem to be running at a peak).

There are many Flower Essences in the ABFE range that may help you resolve ongoing issues with a simple dose of seven drops under the tongue twice a day. If you would like to try some of these safe and beneficial remedies please contact myself or Maddi'. 

May we all flourish with flowers in years to come and find the forgiveness to live freely.


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