Bush Flower Healing

The observations and thoughts of bush flower healing pharmacists & practitioners Katrina Corney and Maddi' Parker and their day to day experiences with Australian bush flower essences.

Experiencing Australian Bush Flower Essences in a Natural Environment

A fabulous road trip last year to far north Queensland and Northern Territory has provided the opportunity to actually meet the flowers that we use in our daily practice at Bush Flower Healing and in the pharmacy where Katrina and I also work. Below is an excerpt from my travels at the end of June 2012.

Based in NSW most of the time means that we are privileged to engage with Sundew, Little Flannel Flower, Mountain Devil (right) and the majestic Waratah on a regular basis, but to camp in the savannah or desert at a northern Australian National Park and come across other ABFE flowersin situ has provided a much deeper interaction and understanding of the flower essence properties.

In Porcupine Gorge on the road to Charters Towers, Qld, I instantly recognised Rough Bluebell. It was a gentle flower with a soft lilac colour and undeniably strong central stamen that reminded me about it's essence quality to 'cut through to the point and release one's innate truth'. It was only 30cm high and the flowers faced towards the ground rather demurely. Each day we walked 1km down into a magnificent gorge where there was tremendous 'jumping rocks' into swimming holes and a stunning cliff face in the shape of a pyramid, passing Rough Bluebell on the way.
Today at Karlu Karlu (Devils Marbles) many days drive from the gorge and about four hours north of Alice Springs, NT, I found the Rough Bluebell in a taller and drier state. It's lilac colour was much more camouflaged against the dehydrated leaves and twiggy stems but a pleasure all the same. There are plenty of unopened buds too so I look forward to returning on tomorrow's sunrise to see if the brand new flowers have blossomed.

Last week in Mount Isa, the Tall Mulla Mulla was in full bloom. Positioned vertically and chatting away merrily on the morning breeze the flowers reminded me that they encourage one to circulate and socialise. The flowers looked daintier than I expected their 10cm to be, but with a strength to stand tall all the same.

Sturt Desert Rose is abundant this winter. I have seen it in north west Queensland and along the Barkly Highway to Tennant Creek, NT. Once you get used to seeing the flowers at 130km/hour it is possible to recognise the plant itself amongst all the other greens on the roadside (taller and stringier). The Sturt Desert Rose has delicate petals and flower buds similar to a wild rose with a very faint scent. It has an ornate stamen and a striking blood red centre to remind me that its essence can be used to release shame or guilt that remains with someone like a blood stain. 

Spinifex! Once you take a walk past spinifex you will always remember the sharp sting that it's grassy ends guarantee to deliver. It cuts like fine glass and this essence can be used for fine cuts, itchy bites and rashes or sunburn. It's sting is a sharp reminder that spinifex essence can also provide insight into a person's illness. I have not seen the golden spinifex flower yet but am in awe of the tangled web that the spinifex grass creates.

As we journey towards the red centre of Australia, I look forward to visiting Kata Tjuta and meeting other desert flowers in their natural state. Given the extreme dryness of the landscape I can appreciate each plant creating such a wondrous bloom and, in turn, the gift of its' essence for emotional and physical healing for animals and humankind.    

If you would like to try any of these Australian Bush Flower Essences or have further questions, then please find us at Bush Flower Healing


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