Bush Flower Healing

The observations and thoughts of bush flower healing pharmacists & practitioners Katrina Corney and Maddi' Parker and their day to day experiences with Australian bush flower essences.

Bush Flower Introductory Course

Bush Essences Introductory Course (formerly Part 1 College Course): An accredited complementary course that provides you with an understanding of the healing qualities of each of the 69 Flower Essences in relation to the Mind Body Medicine model. It is taught as a journey through the energetic/chakra framework of the body with practical insights shared throughout on the everyday use and practitioner use of the Essences.

The courses are held in at Kazcare Educational Facility, Kirkham Rd, Bowral NSW Australia. The investment in enhancing your skills is $295 WEEKEND 

Course Content This beautiful course is for everyone with an interest in natural healing - to use either for yourself, your family, or professionally. The Australian Bush Flower Essences College course was developed by and is fully accredited by Australian Bush Flower Essences and has been taught in naturopathic colleges for over 20 years. However because it contains such valuable information, that anyone can use, it is now being made available to members of the community and practitioners in more informal venues outside major cities.  If you have already attended an ABFE weekend or one day workshop, you will find the information in this course new, and from a different perspective. However, you don't need to know anything about flower essences or natural healing to do this course, nor even have an intention of using the essences on anyone other than yourself, your family, pets and friends. We start with the basics and by the end you will be a confident and competent flower essence practitioner. If you are a professionally qualified practitioner, you will find this information exceptionally useful in your clinical practice, enhancing your existing knowledge base and modality.  

You will learn: 
  • The history of the development of Flower Essences 
  • About all 69 Essences in the Australian Bush Flower range, plus about ready made combinations
  • How Flower Essences work 
  • The Doctrine of Signatures 
  • The Healing Power of Nature 
  • Human subtle energy anatomy (the chakras and the aura) 
  • How thoughts and emotions affect our wellbeing 
  • The cutting edge science validating the ancient healing systems of Ayevedic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 
  • Major emotional issues - and corresponding Essences for each theme 
  • Different methods of Bush Essence application
  • Case Histories for discussion in class 

Further, as a journey through the chakras, this course has the potential to be a gentle yet profound healing experience on a personal level. Many people describe it as life changing. 
At the conclusion of the course, you will receive a Certificate from Australian Bush Flower Essences, equal to that obtained by naturopathic students who have completed this course in formal Naturopathic Colleges. An additional qualification of "Advanced Practitioner Certificate" is available upon submission of three cases histories of suitable quality after course completion. 
Energy medicine is at the forefront of creating a whole new world of options and outcomes, not just for practitioners, but for everyone. The Australian Bush Flower Essence College Course explores and teaches this new paradigm of health and wellbeing based on subtle energy systems, creating new opportunities for "healing the whole person". 

If you intend on studying anything this year, choose this course!


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