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Intensive Hand Cream 50ml - 


With your hands you feel life, you touch life, you comfort, you express, you create, be empowered to feel, touch, comfort, express and create your future. LOVE YOUR HANDS.

An Intensive Organic Hand Beauty Treatment containing Australian Bush Flower Essences and Rose Stem Cells. A non-greasy organic hand cream that soothes skin, restores and revitalises the appearance of skin that is dry and chapped by the elements. Keeps your beautiful hands feeling velvety soft and moisture levels protected.

Apply throughout the day (don’t leave home without it) and before bedtime.

We believe this is the best hand cream formulation ever made.

An Intensive Beauty Treatment for Beautiful Hands

Imbibed with Rose Stem Cells and Australian Bush Flower Essences

Intensive hand cream contains these Flower Essences:

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