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Numerology Workshop 2 DVD Set - 

Know Yourself and Others

Ian has been practicing Numerology for over 30 years and does a Numerology chart for every patient he treats. It is a very quick and effective diagnostic tool. In 20 seconds Ian can see people's strengths and challenges. In these 2 DVDs, Ian will teach how to do the same, while also showing the specific Bush Essences that address all the various aspects of a chart.

By watching these 2 DVDs you will learn:

How to recognise major strengths and weaknesses inherent in the chart

How to select specific Bush Essences for all aspects of a chart

The inherent quality of each number

Personal Year Cycles - 9 Year Cycles of Change

Ruling Numbers - Life's Primary Pathway

Day Numbers - The Other Side of You

The Arrows - Added Strengths

Chart Compatibility and Comparison

"I have been practicing Numerology for over 30 years. I do the numerology chart of every short-listed job applicant at ABFE and every patient I treat. Immediately I see their strengths and challenges. In this workshop, I will teach you how to achieve this too."

Ian White B.Sc., N.D., D.B.M.

Founder of Australian Bush Flower Essences

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