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Essential Sparkle Gathering - 

Essential Sparkle Evenings

fairy_dustBush Flower Healing offers a range of exciting, potentially healing and often growth orientated gatherings, where our skilled flower essence practitioners will introduce yourself and friends to the power of Australian Bush Flower Essences.

For those already familiar with the essences, we can tailor a gathering to meeting your specific need or areas of interest.

Why not invite a few friends around for an Essential Sparkle Gathering? Katrina or Maddi' will give a presentation about the qualities of Australian Bush Flower Essences with an emphasis on health and well-being.

Samples of essences will be available to try or purchase. There will also be the opportunity for you and your friends to take home a unique essence tailor-made to address your particular circumstances. A warm and intimate gathering designed to satisfy the inner esoteric in us all!angel_cherubs

What is involved in an Essential Sparkle Gathering? These are an informal way to learn more about the Bush Flower Essences. There are no prerequisites for attending although a sense of trust within the group can strengthen the opportunity for learning.

What topics do we have to choose from? Your theme may be as broad as adult wellbeing or as focussed as aged care in the nursing home. Other examples include: animal health, enhancing your creativity, the work environment, babycare, adolescence, women's health or living in stressful times. We welcome and will consider any suggestions for a theme that may be popular amongst your family and friends or work colleagues.

How long do they last? 2 hours.

How much do they cost? $20 per attendant which includes the workshop and your tailor-made remedy.

Where are they held? At your place! It is recommended that the host offers light refreshments on the day.

Location: Throughout Australia subject to availability.

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